"We have pinpricks across country. Question is how to expand. 51,000 applications for 90 housing spots." - Colin of @artspaceusa at #art4
6 mins ago

At #art4 convening, Colin Hamilton of @artspaceusa talks about building a landtrust for artists. @…
8 mins ago

At #art4 convening, Diana Taylor talks about @hiencuentro & #FakeMonsanto campaign @ Ford Foundation.
11 mins ago

At #art4 convening, Quiara Algeria Hudes does a reading from her play. @ Ford Foundation.
18 mins ago

RT @BulldogShadow: Great presentation by @Allied_Media & love it was incubator space for Octavia's Brood! #Art4 @WalidahImarisha http://t.c…
27 mins ago

"We're artist leaders thanks to you. Thanks for making all this possible." - @favianna at #art4 convening
27 mins ago