RT @favianna: Art is part of our resistance. Resistance 4 me started around organizing. I grew up in Kansas City -@YCarrillo4 #undocuqueer
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RT @favianna: .@culturestrike is celebrating @zentronix new book! #WHOWEBE Fear this book! It's bad ass! Go Jeff Chang!!!…
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RT @favianna: By 2042, we will no longer be a minority, we will be a majority. -@zentronix opening tonight's panel. @KQEDarts…
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If you're lucky enough to earn a living from your art, you're probably white via @robferdman #art4 #racialjustice
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Racial #Diversity Among America's Working Artists Virtually Non-Existent via @Colorlines #art4
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RT @meeshellchen: Today's lesson in Everyday Spanish: Ese Gúey No Paga (That Guy Don’t Pay) @ndlon @latinorebels via…
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