We are worth more! - @micahbazant /#WalmartStrikers
8 mins ago

Fighting @WalMart's cycle of inequality. - @ingridiswriting #Walmartstrikers
13 mins ago

#Livingwage work supports families & communities. - @evanbissell #walmartstrikers
14 mins ago

"Stand Up! Get paid better!" - @OreeOriginol on #WalmartStrikers #art4
48 mins ago

The Waltons can afford to pay #Walmart workers $15 an hour. - Corinne Teed #walmartstrikers
54 mins ago

Is your pic here? "Posters & #Art4 #WalmartStrikers Black Friday Protests from around the country" Still updating
1 hour ago

It takes courage to stand up & demand better conditions. - @fidenciomart on #walmartstrikers
1 hour ago

Power to the workers! For respect, for dignity. - Rommy Torrico. Mmages for #walmartstrikers @
2 hours ago